What the Church Needs from The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Podcast

The Biblical Example The best example of Christian storytelling that we see in scripture comes from Luke. In his two books, Luke weaves together selected stories to help his audience, Theophilus, have certainty concerning the truthfulness of the gospel (Luke 1:1). He quotes the Old Testament in a combined 115 verses, showing us that God’sContinue reading “What the Church Needs from The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Podcast”

Jesus’ Thoughts on Triggering Sermons

An Example of Godless Logic I recently saw a video of a man who stood outside of a Milwaukee high school and preached the gospel to students as they passed by. He spoke about the sanctity of life and the evils of abortion. Students surrounded him and began to mock and threaten him while the school securityContinue reading “Jesus’ Thoughts on Triggering Sermons”

Gay Superman and the Gospel

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…Bisexual Superman is generally not something I would notice, however, a picture of Metropolis’ LGBT superhero and his new boyfriend recently came across the screen of my family’s Alexa while my young son was playing nearby. Each week seems to bring news of another pastor being arrested for following the 4th Commandment, andContinue reading “Gay Superman and the Gospel”

Praying Against Darkness

Satan Prays Most Christians recognize that Satan and his minions prey upon Christians, but how many of us have considered that the kingdom of darkness prays for us as well? The Westminster Larger Catechism defines prayer, in part, as the offering up of one’s desires to God. The great 20th century pastor and theologian James BoiceContinue reading “Praying Against Darkness”

How the Fear of Christian Nationalism Shows We Love Jesus as Priest & Hate Him as King

The Problem of King Uzziah King Uzziah was descendant of King David who tried to merge the responsibilities of both the priests and the king. God responded to King Uzziah’s merger of the two offices by cursing him with leprosy, thus marking him unclean for the rest of his days. Uzziah is important, because heContinue reading “How the Fear of Christian Nationalism Shows We Love Jesus as Priest & Hate Him as King”

If You Go On Sinning Deliberately There No Longer Remains A Sacrifice For Your Sins

A Sobering RealityOne of the most terrifying passages of scripture is Hebrews 10:26-31. It starts off by saying that those who sin deliberately have no sacrifice to atone for their sins, and then it ends with the blunt statement that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Lord. Not only isContinue reading “If You Go On Sinning Deliberately There No Longer Remains A Sacrifice For Your Sins”

How to Know the Truth When the Media is Lying

The World’s Influence This week it seemed like the whole world was trying to influence the public’s opinions on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and the subsequent verdict. For anyone who took the time to watch the trial, it became obvious that the media lied often and repeatedly in their reporting of the events of August 25,Continue reading “How to Know the Truth When the Media is Lying”

How to become Fearless in a Culture of Fear

The Example of Peter and JohnI am currently preaching through Acts, and one of the things that is readily apparent in the earliest chapters of the book is that the apostles, a group that was once characterized by their fearfulness of others, have been transformed into a group of men who are now utterly fearless.Continue reading “How to become Fearless in a Culture of Fear”

The Holy Spirit Is Not Just Muscle

The Holy Spirit, the third member of the Trinity, is not an impersonal force. He is God, and He is very personal. He cannot be controlled by special spells, charms, or actions. He comes with a presence and a power undeniably unique to himself, but his attributes and qualities, the things that make him God,Continue reading “The Holy Spirit Is Not Just Muscle”